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Now offering fashion illustration style "quick" portraits.  


Hi Friends!  


In an attempt to get quicker at guest portraits, I'm practicing "quick" fashion illustration style portraits.  And rather than filling my notebooks full of practice illustrations that don't see the light of day, I'd rather my illustrations be put to use and go to the models so they can enjoy them.  


Step 1: Choose how many people you'd like in the portrait (sizes vary depending on # of figures in the portrait)

Step 2: Send me the image(s) to work from.

Step 3: I will complete your illustration and the original will be shipped to you.


1-2 people will be on 7"x 10" paper

3-4 people will be on 9" x 12" paper

5+ will be on 11" x 14" paper


Full disclosure, I'm still in the process of coming up with a signature style.  I hope that you trust me to use my artistic judgement to create a beautiful and creative illustration for you.  I am using mostly alcohol markers, but also colored pencils, gouache, watercolor and ink.  


Please email your image(s) to

Quick Portrait Fashion Illustrations

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