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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

Pricing starts at $1100 for a 16"x 20" canvas in the Athens area (no more than 30 miles outside of Athens).  Please contact me with details (where, when, size of canvas you'd like) and I can give you a price.

Can I hire you as a surprise/gift?

Yes, you don't have to be the one getting married to hire me.  We can keep it as a surprise from the bride, the groom or both.  If it's a surprise for both the bride and groom, I will need to communicate with their coordinator or wedding planner so they know to expect me.  But it's definitely doable!

How long does it take you to finish the painting?

It depends.  I almost never finish the painting at the wedding.  I'll need to take it back to my studio and finish up details in better lighting.  Also, I paint in oils and they can take up to a week to dry.  It shouldn't take me more than a month to get the finished painting to you.  But usually it's only a couple weeks.

Does the venue need to provide you with anything?

Nope!  Maybe just a chair.  I'll bring my own table, lamp, drop cloth and extension cord.  

How far will you travel?

I've got a valid passport!  So, as long as you are covering travel expenses and I'm available, I'll be there.

Can you work from a photo?

Already married and looking for an anniversary gift?  Yes, I can work from old photos.  Or if I'm booked on the day of your wedding, you can still commission me to work from photos.  And I can piece the painting together. For instance, if you'd like your first kiss, but with a different background or a pet added in, I can make that happen.  That's the beauty of a painting! 

What moment should I have you paint?

Some suggestions:  First look, kiss at the ceremony, entrance into the reception or first dance.  Usually right after the ceremony, your photographer will pull you aside to get photos.  You can also choose one of these poses.  

What if the moment I want painted isn't until the end of the night?

We're going to have to get creative!  We can either stage the bride and groom's pose beforehand, so that I can be working on that.  Or I'll need to know what elements you'll want in the background and that's what I can be working on during the wedding.  But I really prefer to be working on the bride and groom's portrait throughout the night.  That's the best part of the painting!

Are you willing to paint a same sex couple?

Yes, of course! 

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have other questions.
text/call: 706.927.5545

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