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This listing is for a single subject (shoulders up) oil portrait commission. Please see examples for what can fit in the painting. I can send you a cropped mock-up before starting if you'd like to see the exact composition.


The head doesn't have to be human :) Pets work, too. But keep in mind, it will still just be their head.


Clear, crisp, colorful images work best. For added interest, shadows and accessories are ideal. Hats, headbands, ribbons, glasses, earrings, etc are all great!


If you have a background color preference, please let me know in the notes. Otherwise, I will choose a color that is complimentary to the image.




If you are interested in a portrait of multiple subjects or a full figure/body portrait, please email me for more details and pricing. Minimum canvas size is 11x14 inches.


Shipping is included. (US only)

Single Subject Oil Portrait

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